A downloadable game for macOS

Horror pixel is a place where all your nightmares come true. We are here to make your experiences come to life. Support us as much as you can so that we can make awesome RPG Horror games for you. We hope you like our content, there will be a rating system soon along with a comment section on our website at www.horrorpixel.us.  Website still in progress and starting on full game now!

Hope you play our games and demos.

Sincerely, the developers,  Seth A. and Devon Chandler and invisible monster named Tim :)

Install instructions

Download. Unzip. Play. Feel the horror. Repeat. Or don't! Or die. Your choice to make. Hope it's not your last! Though it definitely will be. Have fun. :)


three_nights_at_bennys_plaza.zip 3 MB


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